The Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) and its Indonesian counterpart, the TNI-AL have recently conducted a joint coordinated patrol operation off the Straits of Melaka dubbed Op PATKOR MALINDO 124/2014. 

This has been the second of such operations conducted between the two navies this year alone, in which usually were conducted four times annually.

The RMN has send in two of its patrol boat, the Handalan-class FAC, KD Handalan as well as Perdana-class FAC, KD Ganyang. TNI-AL on the other hand sends in its latest Clurit-class FAC(M), KRI Alamang and Sibaru-class patrol boat, KRI Siribua.

KRI Alamang was the fourth of its class, having been commissioned in December 2012. Part of the indigenous Kapal Cepat Rudal, build by PT PALINDO Marine Industries in Batam, she is armed with two Chinese-made C-705 ASM.

The first phase of the operation began in June 10 at the RMN’s Naval Region Command 3 (MAWILLA 3) headquarter in Langkawi involving courtesy call, operation briefing as well as discussion and preparation of the operation.

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The second phase of the operation commence in June 11 following the sailing out of all participating vessels from Langkawi to conduct a six day operation.

KRI Alamang
KRI Siribua alongside with KRI Alamang


KRI Alamang

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The operation was concluded during the third phase of operation at the  TNI-AL Main Base I (LANTAMAL I) in Belawan.

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