TNI Prepares 2014 War and Non-War Activities

Jakarta – Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI) Army Chief of Staff, General Budiman, said TNI Headquarters will provide security fund of Rp100 billion, from which the Army gets the biggest portion, for 2014 general election. 

(It is) more or less Rp70 billion, or seventy percent of it,” Budiman said at the Army Headquarters yesterday.
According to him, the fund will be used for logistics and operational needs and alsoto distribute main weapon system to the military area.

Leaders of Army Headquarters held a national meeting at TNI Headquarters today to evaluate activities in 2013. “(It is) also to prepare war and non-war activities in 2014,” he said. TNI aims to optimize those two activities, he said. Most importanly because it is the political year. “TNI and Police have heavy security tasks at hand,” he said.

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