eiknujomorp. This is the fourth (4th) contest that I follow from promojunkie. Although located on the first page, but never one entry even if the big three ratings. Hahaha .. So, a contest that was held specifically for beginners, it is reasonable to follow a person like me 😀

eiknujomorp …

Starts with buying a new targeted keywords domain, eiknujomorp, then create a posting on several blogs that have fairly high PageRank, until re-arrange and modify the default theme along with html tags. Everything is done, with the hope that the page could become a leading in google with terms eiknujomorp.

The result? The first day of work on page six and on the second day managed to climb to the FIRST page on Google. It is indeed a proud achievement for an amateur like me 😀

However, after all, whose name SEO contest, of course, we must continue to maintain its existence. For that purpose, this eiknujomorp page was created 😆