Indonesia offers to train Saudis in naval operations

“Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelagic country, comprising more than 17,000 islands,” Indonesian ambassador to Riyad, Abdul Rahman Fachir, said. “As such, the nation is constantly strengthening naval defense forces to protect its vast territorial boundaries.”

In late August, the Indonesian Navy sent a new surface vessel for a three-day visit to Saudi Arabia. The crew of the Indonesian Navy’s KRI Bung Tomo, a British ship, was hosted by the Royal Saudi Navy Forces and conducted a pilgrimage, called Umra.

“Saudi Arabia has been chosen for its excellent relations with Indonesia, which are highlighted by the facilities and assistance extended to our ship and allowing its crew to perform Umra,” Fachir said.

Officials said Indonesia was offering to train Saudi navy crews in such skills as combat, search-and-rescue as well as maritime patrols. They said Indonesia was using its British-origin navy to enhance overall relations with the Gulf Cooperation Council kingdom.

“Indonesia has ordered the building of sophisticated ships in UK as part of a defense blueprint for the country,” Fachir said.

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