Indonesia will receive the first batch of ACS “Caesar” before the end of 2014

Land Forces of Indonesia until the end of the year will receive the first batch of 155-mm self-propelled guns “Caesar » (CAESAR – CAmion Equipe d’un Systeme d’ARtillerie) under the agreement signed with ” Nexter cistemz » (Nexter Systems) contract.

According to the ” International difenz Review ‘ , ACS production carried out in accordance with the schedule at the plant in Roane ( France ), and ammunition – factory in Bourges .

As previously reported TSAMTO company ” Nexter Systems ” in November 2012 confirmed the conclusion with the Indonesian Ministry of Defense contract to supply 37 units of the country NE . 

155-mm self-propelled guns “Caesar .” Cost of the program was estimated at 240 million dollars. Delivery schedule is planned to begin transfer of weapons systems in 2013-2014 .
According to a recent statement by a source in the Ministry of Finance of Indonesia , only 34 will be purchased ACS worth 108 million euros (140 million dollars) . Of this amount, 85% will be taken on credit ( it should be noted that the information source in the Finance Ministry of the order reduction has not officially confirmed ) .

As of SW France , SAU “Caesar” supplied Indonesia, will be based on a truck chassis ” Sherpa ” 6×6 of “Renault Trucks difenz ” ( Saudi version installed on the chassis of “Mercedes-Benz “).

In a related contract blanket agreement ” Nexter Systems ” will give the company «PT Pindad ” technologies that will provide the service of artillery systems in Indonesia .
For CB Indonesia SPG “Caesar” will be delivered in the configuration with the right wheel and the cockpit , protected against small arms fire and shrapnel ammunition.

It is expected that the first two systems will be supplied NE Indonesia in late 2014 . According to initial plans , SAU 18 entered service two divisions , one more will be used for training.

Indonesia is the fourth customer of ACS ” Caesar .” Saudi Arabia since 2006 three parties acquired 136 units on the chassis “Mercedes-Benz ” with the wheel formula 6×6. Thailand received 6 ACS in 2009 , and NE France ordered 72 plants and intend to get another 64 units .

Presumably, Saudi Arabia has also ordered a full set of ammunition ” Nexter munishns » (Nexter Munitions), including modern Bonus Mk.II, firing range which is 35 km away .

” Nexter Systems ‘ ACS also offers ” Caesar ” to other potential customers , including Denmark and India. Denmark is considering purchasing 18 units. 

India ACS offered on the chassis with the wheel formula 6×6 of ” Ashok leyland difenz » (Ashok Leyland Defence). In addition, the Indian armed forces have a number of additional requirements , including increased ammunition .

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