MMA Pound for Pound Supporter

MMA Pound for Pound is another SEO contest by PromoJunkie. And this post for supporting my little blog πŸ™‚ Well, this event was started at middle of December, 2009 until March. Three months for optimizing. Unfortunately, the content must be written in english. So, everyone who want to participate, must write their entry in english.

MMA is Mixed Martial Arts

Hm.. I think, the topic of MMA Pound for Pound is so hard. So many sites/blog out there have a niche about this; a great foundation for relevant keyword by Google’s bot. How about blog that tell “so many” topics? (just like BLoG kiTa πŸ˜† )

Well, its time to learn -double learning exactly- ; SEO and english. Do you agree with me? You have to! πŸ˜€

MMA Pound for Pound Feedback

Do you have any ideas about this MMA Pound for Pound ? Feel free to share with us here. But, keep clean and stay focus on the topic. Ok? Thanks!