Two more Sukhoi fighter jets arrive

Sukhoi fighter jet manufacturer Komsomolsk-na Amure Aircraft Production Association (KnAAPO) delivered on Thursday evening two additional Su-30 MK2 fighter jets to the Sultan Hasanuddin Air Force Base in South Sulawesi.
The shipment was part of six fighter jets ordered by Indonesia, base chief spokesman Maj. Mulyadi said.
“We have so far received four of the six fighter jets on order. The final two will be delivered in June,” he said.
Just like the first batch of two double-seater Su-30 MK2s, which arrived in February, Thursday’s shipment was also in a disassembled condition. Russian technicians will assemble the aircraft before handing them over to Indonesia.
The fighter jets will be operated by the 11th Squadron, which now has six single-seater Su-27 SKMs and eight Su-30 MK2s.
As with previous shipments, these planes were not armed, Mulyadi said, adding the weaponry would be bought under a separate contract.
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